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Christopher Chapman, Ph.D., had a distinguished career in law enforcement prior to becoming a Professor and Director of Criminal Justice within a major New York City University System. Dr. Chapman’s successful and diversified experience is represented by:

Over two decades of policing/law enforcement experience, ten years as a national and international use of force instructor, police practices and procedures academy instructor. Undercover Investigator within State and Federal law enforcement organizations.

Dr. Chapman has managed large-scale criminal incidents, served as a confidential aid to police chiefs, conducted internal affairs investigations, participated in over 1,000 indictable (felony) arrest, testified in over 800 criminal trials and/or hearing.

Dr. Chapman regularly assisted law enforcement agencies which included the United States Department of Homeland Security (ICE), The United States Drug Enforcement Administration, New Jersey State Police, New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, New Jersey County Prosecutor’s Offices, and several other agencies.